A New Year


So it seems odd to be writing about the New Year in February, but it’s the reason for this blog’s existence. This year I have made a resolution to watch more movies. Pretty simple. I love movies and going to the theater, but I find it difficult to sit through a whole movie when I’m at home. The funny thing is that I can easily sit through 4 episodes of an hour-long series without even thinking twice about it. I think my attention span is built for binge-watching.

In order to get myself ready for more movie-viewing enjoyment, I made a couple of commitments and intend to track my progress here. First, I’m going to go to the theater every month. The plan is to see more films as they are released so they don’t fall into the black hole that is my Netflix queue. Second, I’ve compiled an alphabetical list of movies released in the past 5 years or so that I want to see before this year is over. The idea is to use this list to catch up on what I’ve missed and getting at least one for every letter has forced me to include things that probably never popped up on my radar. I’ll be posting the list along with my experience so far.

As of today, I’ve watched 19 movies this year, counting only ones that I have not seen before. I have been writing and will continue to make short summaries of my experience watching these films. Since the television schedule has begun to pick up again, I’m a little behind on the number this month compared to January, but I’m sure it will ramp up again soon.

I’m excited to see where this journey will lead me.



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