Movies 1-4

These are the movies I watched the first week of January.

#1: Alan Partridge – This one has been sitting in my queue for a while. I love Steve Coogan. I’ve never seen the show this movie spun out of, but I’ve seen all 13 episodes of Saxondale multiple times and would encourage everyone else (especially classic rock fans) to do the same. I’m not sure if more familiarity with the characters would have made this movie more enjoyable, but I liked it just fine. It got a few good laughs out of me on a lazy morning after a long couple of days of New Year’s festivities, so that’s something.

#2: The Ridiculous 6 – This was a sheer “Netflix is already on, might as well watch something else” choice of movie. I chuckled a few times, but couldn’t shake the guilt of knowing the racial tension that occurred on set. It was nice to see Sandler as the straight-man for once, but then I fell asleep. (Again, it was post-New Year’s.) I woke up during the end and felt like the climax I missed was probably every thing I would have expected. Even though I didn’t technically see the whole thing, I’m counting it because it was that predictable (probably why I fell asleep, actually).

#3: The Hateful 8 – Now that’s more like it. I missed you, Quentin. I wish I had seen this on film, with the overture and intermission, but I’m glad I saw it in a packed theater anyway. While watching those beautiful outdoor panoramas, I kept thinking “how has he only made 8 films?!” There should be more. And more of Samuel L. Jackson in full badassery (I really hated him in Django; like, I know you’re supposed to hate him, but it was very upsetting for me). Anyway, this ties with Reservoir Dogs for 3rd place; under Kill Bill: Vol. 1 at 1, and Pulp Fiction at 2. I’m curious where other people put it, so let me know if you disagree. My list could easily change each time I watch or re-watch one of his films.

#4: Pitch Perfect 2 – This one was a no-brainer for my list, since I’ve had it ready to go on my computer for a while now. Well, I’m a music nerd and I loved it. Is that surprising? Besides it being a musical (should I do musicals next year?), I really enjoy Anna Kendrick and her whole thing with the German chick was hilarious. “Fat Amy” is a little tired at this point, though. I wonder what the 3rd one will do with these characters. I’d also like to point out that as nerdy as I am, I do not enjoy the onslaught of a capella in the real world. I blame these movies for picking up the torch that should’ve fizzled out with Glee.


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