Movies 10-15

Almost caught up to the last few I’ve watched. I guess these cover the first week of February. I was getting a little stuck; it took me a while to write about these because I didn’t know what to say about them. Turns out, when I start typing, the words find a way out. I still feel bad that I didn’t love Inside Out, though.

#10: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Another movie from my A-Z list crossed off. I remember seeing the trailers for this movie when it was first released and being excited about what looked like the return of the gripping thriller. Watching it proved to be more work than entertainment. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it, but it took all the attention I could muster to follow the whole fricking thing. I didn’t see the reveal coming (it can’t be the charming, good-looking one!), so that was a pleasant surprise.

#11: The Overnight – “This series is called portals.” I judge everything by its cover art. Don’t we all? The picture and description on Netflix instantly made me think of one of my favorite movies, Carnage. Two couples played by great actors (maybe not as great as the cast of Carnage, but few actors are) working off each other for most of the film. Okay, so the comparison between the two pretty much ends there. Having Taylor Schilling acting as an audience surrogate is something I’ve grown accustomed to and, as the night progresses, I’m right there with her, wondering “what is happening?”. The climax (absolutely no pun intended) when it comes is as inevitable as the awkward aftermath and I think I just wrote myself into liking this more than when I first saw it. Either way, my point is everyone should watch Carnage.

#12: Duplicity – I watched the opening of this movie while reading an A.V. Club article praising its composition. It is a beautiful scene, which is why I got sucked into watching the whole thing. I did not know that I’d be in for a mix of romance and corporate espionage. I’m still not sure that those things can even blend, nor can I tell you how the movie ends. All I know is that it was nice to see Paul Giamatti as frustrated and empowered, rather than the regular sad-sack.

#13: Inside Out – I’ll probably need to watch this movie when I’m in a better mood, i.e. not in the dead of winter. I was really upset that I didn’t get what everyone was raving about. The voice acting was great. The story was, well, what you’d expect from a Pixar movie. The fact that I wasn’t overcome with joy (pun intended) by the end made me feel like an emotionally disconnected monster. Either I’m too cynical, or this movie just didn’t do it for me,

#14: The Big Short – I listened to the screenwriter of this film on The Black List podcast describing how they were able to make the very technical aspects of the housing market crash accessible to wide audiences. I wish all my econ. classes were this easy to understand. Once I got over the wigs, I was amazed at how easily I could follow all of the action leading up to the biggest financial crisis of modern times. It’s also great how I could enjoy watching the characters while deep down despising what they were doing (a little reminiscent of The Wolf of Wall Street, in a way). The big question is who would resist taking advantage of it if they saw it coming?

#15: Amy – I’m going to resist gushing over this. I was a fan of her music and I’m glad the documentary didn’t trash her reputation or make her out to be someone she wasn’t. I also liked the lack of camera time for those being interviewed. This was clearly made for people interested in the woman behind the music, not those trying to profit off of her early demise.

So, I’m going to keep plugging away and try to update more often so I’m not stuck trying to remember details. Did I mention you should watch Carnage?



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