Movies 16-19

Ok, so we’re all done with catch up. This is my first time in a while, trying to come up with what to say about these films, so here goes nothing.

#16: Funny or Die Presents: The Art of the Deal – Yeah. This was so much fun to watch. I felt a little guilty adding this to the list. Exactly how long is feature-length? Anyway, I know it’s too long to be a short film. Johnny Depp can actually be a chameleon. Who would’ve thought? Every little mannerism was just spot on. It’s hard not to wonder if they timed the release to hurt him in the election. (Though, I do believe that’s true about Mitt Romney and “The Book of Mormon”, so I guess I’ll believe anything.) Too bad it doesn’t seem to be doing much damage. The movie, however, is hilarious and the guest appearances are perfect. Let’s all hope the real Trump doesn’t get all litigious and have it taken down. Though, from the look of his campaign, I’m pretty sure he’s happy with any mention of himself in the media.

#17: Snowpiercer – I managed to describe the last movie without getting too political, but it may be an even bigger challenge here. I got a huge laugh out of the opening, and I’m not sure that was the intended response. But the world’s governments attempt to fix a problem (as in do their job), only to have it backfire in the worst way possible is spot-on humor. The rest of the movie was pretty entertaining. I dug the whole concept without getting too caught up on how impractical running a train around the world would be. Like, if you dig deep enough, can’t you find warmth underground? Speaking of chameleons, Tilda Swinton killed it. I was sad to see her go.

#18: Get on Up – I grew up with James Brown. His music might as well be the soundtrack to my childhood, my dad was such a big fan. It took me a while to understand why this movie wasn’t a hit. I had watched bits and pieces whenever it was on tv and it instantly brought me back to that time period (which I, admittedly, didn’t live through, but have gotten more than enough anecdotes to understand the overall feeling of the era). Now that I have finally gotten around to seeing the whole thing, I get why this movie isn’t getting some Ray-level praise – even though I would argue that they are equally revolutionary to the world of music.  The issue with this biopic is that it focuses maybe too much on the live performances. And on top of that, they are lip-synced. Ok, so James was a legendary live performer and the movie goes to great lengths to show this. Chadwick Boseman does a great Brown and the lip-syncing is done very well, but it’s not worth spending so much time away from the characters. I feel like they really just scratched the surface of all the drama in the life of the man and instead added a bunch of music videos to make people feel nostalgic. I would watch it again for the music, but there’s not much story there.

#19: Deadpool – This movie is awesome. I don’t think I knew how much my life needed a super-violent, super-funny anti-superhero movie. I laughed. I cringed. I’ll probably see it again before it leaves theaters (there’s not much else to see now anyway). I love how self-aware it is and, having starred in a super flop, Ryan Reynolds is perfect for it. I think it’s about time we got a grown up comic book movie. I also can’t wait to see what kind of crossover will happen within the Marvel-verse. Will they really let our most beloved X-men appear in this potty-mouthed series? I guess we’ll see.


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