The Downside of Binge-watching

The following is a re-post from my previous blog, dated 2/3/16.

I want to gush a little about so-called “peak television”. First of all, does the coining of the term “peak television” foretell its eventual demise? I’m no expert, but I guess all good things must eventually end. In the meantime, I’m sure enjoying the ride.

My goal for the year is to watch more movies and the biggest challenge to that has been getting sucked in by good shows. It’s not like I can be upset about it. There’s some thoroughly entertaining stuff out there for all tastes. The reason why I was perusing AV Club in the first place was to check out the review on American Crime Story, the premiere of which had me floored last night. Seriously, historical dramas have no reason to be this good, especially on TV. But that’s where we are right now. That’s what keeps me preferring in-depth 10-13 hour stories over the 2 hour movies. We are spoiled and I can only hope that this trend continues.

The other issue I’m having is that I rarely watch shows as they air, putting me in position to binge after the season is released on other formats. This is something I’m working on now with ACS and Colony (even USA has good stuff now!). FX ended 2 of my favorite shows around the same time (SoA and Justified), then pushed my favorite comedies to a second channel that, at the time, my cable company didn’t offer. I kind of forgot about the channel after a while. And then Fargo happened. I had read and heard nothing but good things about it from the start, but it wasn’t until this last season started picking up steam that I decided it was probably something I should watch. Being a completionist, I started with the first season and finished it in about a week. Hopefully, I’ll burn through season 2 soon and free up some time to watch more movies.

The upside of bingeing on Fargo, is that it has motivated me to get back on track for my resolution. It’s a great show and I love that the story stands on its own, but it made me really want to re-watch the movie to compare the over-all tone and revel in the little Easter eggs from the show. I also realized that, while I love every Coen brothers movie I’ve seen, there are a great many I never got around to. So, those will definitely be additions to my list this year. But if I had to answer which of my preferred modes of entertainment was my favorite: movies, TV or music; my answer would probably be “it’s complicated.” It definitely is.


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