Wedding Day

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The Girls are back! I didn’t even know that I was missing them. Since I watch so many shows, some of them tend to fall off of my radar. This habit has lead me to sit on the sidelines while the people around me get caught up in the latest hot thing. After a while, I started to like watching things after all the hype died down because it made it easier to form my own opinions about them. Thus began my binge-watching addiction.

I made it through the first four seasons of Girls over the course of this past month. I got hooked from the first episode. I love shows that don’t feel the need to create unrealistically perfect characters. Everyone has their flaws and, boy, do they let their true colors fly. I know a lot of people stopped watching after a couple of seasons, fed up with the characters’ awful behavior. For any defectors out there, I would urge you to watch season three’s seventh episode, “The Beach House”, in which they all take turns pointing out exactly what we are all thinking. The show knows what it’s doing with these characters.

The other arguments against this show are made by people who just don’t get it. Not only that, they are angry that other people relate to it. Comparing this show to others led by prominent female voices is, in a way, giving the critics what they want, but if you look at the negativity surrounding them you can see a lot of similarities. Haters gonna hate, especially men who believe women should be focused on entertaining them.

“Wedding Day” is one of the funniest episodes of Girls yet. There are so many quotable lines, I could go on for hours transcribing them. I thought the wedding was a great way to get all of the characters on screen for the first time this year. The change of scenery was a nice touch. Seeing all of them out of their usual element really puts the focus on the people. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!

First: Marnie. After a couple of awful seasons (for her), it’s nice to see Marnie in the foreground of the premiere. She makes the perfect annoying bride, completely open to whatever, but needing final say on everything. Full disclosure: this episode probably hit a little closer to home for me, since I just had my wedding last summer. I apologize if I focus too much on details that don’t stick out to most people. The details were perfect, though. Marnie’s strange concept of her wedding (“with a nod to my heritage, which is white Christian woman”) perfectly matches the mess that would be her marriage to Desi.

Hannah (in an “I Woke Up Like This” sweatshirt that I seriously need in my life) is the kind of friend you would want to have with you on the day of your wedding, but would be kind of useless. Correct me if I’m wrong, but was it inappropriate for her to invite Fran to hang out with them while they were getting ready? Marnie didn’t handle it well, or at all, but that should’ve been something Hannah (or Fran, who is way too early) should have seen coming. I get it, though. We all have friends who hate weddings and everything that comes with them, but there comes a time when you need to step up, as Hannah eventually does.

Shoshanna , on the other hand, is totally on top of it which fits right in with her character. I’m so glad that she was in the episode instead of doing whatever in Japan, unseen. She manages the craziness of the day with the kind of focus that only Shosh can pull off. She was made for this. I was intrigued by the fact that she didn’t bring her boyfriend (I’m assuming Jason Ritter’s Scott from last season) as a date. She mentions in passing that it would mess up the dynamic of their long-distance relationship, but it’s weird that she’d come home for the wedding and not see him. This does not bode well.

On the guy’s side of things, Desi is reminding us all why he is the worst. Apparently, this is his 8th engagement and, after bonding with all the male series regulars, gets some seriously cold feet. I’m a little confused why all these guys are together before the wedding, so excuse the digging into wedding tradition for a moment. None of the guys are dressed alike, which is fine, but if Marnie is making the bridesmaids wear those awful matching dresses, I doubt she would let that fly. I’m guessing there are three groomsmen to match the three bridesmaids. That leaves Wolfie (Baron Vaughn from Grace and Frankie) as best man and Adam and Elijah(?) to round out the party. I loved every word out of Elijah’s mouth, but it seems a stretch to put him in the wedding so he can be a part of the episode. Fran is there because he was banished from the women’s space and Ray is there why? Because Marnie said he should be. Well, that’s weird.

Ray is the one who, accidentally, talks Desi into going through with the wedding. Still in love with Marnie, Ray walks into the lake with Desi to tell him how any man would be lucky to marry her. I thought he was getting ready to pull a “Graduate”, but I think he would rather have her marry the wrong guy than be jilted. Why he even went at all remains a mystery to me.

Fran spills the beans about Desi’s previous engagements and the fact that Marnie’s ring was intended for his ex- Carmen. Silly Fran, you thought Hannah can keep a secret. Rushing in to reveal this information, Hannah finds Marnie on the verge of a complete meltdown (the result of the scary work done by hilarious guest star Bridget Everett’s make-up artist). It is at this point that Hannah begins to show some signs of maturity. She really wants to say what’s on her mind because that’s what she always does, but she sees her friend is hurting. Marnie has her doubts and Hannah goes against her instincts and supports her. Clearly Marnie and Desi are not a good match. Everyone is aware of this, but at this point, on their wedding day, it’s probably too late to voice concerns.

In the end, Jessa is the one who pulls everything together. She has a habit of disappearing and showing up just in time to fix everything which is really frustrating. She walks into the episode with one of the her best lines ever and ends it with some styling magic. It’s the in between part that I’m unsure of. I thought the kiss between her and Adam was the first one. I’ve spoken to some fans who think the two are an item, but that doesn’t mesh with his awkwardness with Fran. Wouldn’t hooking up with one of your ex’s best friends kind of preempt the whole new boyfriend/old boyfriend stand-off. I guess the fact that the kiss was just a passing moment gives credence to the fact that this wasn’t the first time it happened. I’m glad that scene took place in the middle of the episode so there wasn’t too much emphasis on it. It happened and we’ll have to address it later.

I’m stoked for the rest of this season.


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