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When someone tells me they didn’t have a tv while growing up, I am shocked. So many questions come to mind, like what did you do with all your time? I get from a parent’s perspective why having your kids glued to the couch watching television may not the best idea, but it was a huge part of my development.

When I was a kid, my mother would take us to the movies on the weekends when she wasn’t working. I remember these times fondly as quality family outings; the popcorn, the candy store and going out to dinner after. This was probably where my love of movies came to fruition.

I just love being entertained. I enjoy watching stories unfold on the screen. I get joy out of people demonstrating their craft in ways that elicit an emotional response. To me, there’s very little bad art out there and I want to soak it all up. As a musician, I understand all the hard work that goes into making a good piece and I want to share my experiences and hopefully get more people to check it out.




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